Blue Bell Academy’s Philosophy Statement

At Blue Bell Academy our goal is to give each child the best start possible with a loving, stimulating, and non-pressured program that meets the needs of the child and his/her family. Blue Bell Academy recognizes that each child is unique and beautiful in their own way with his or her strengths, likes, and dislikes. We foster each individual through a program that allows them to explore, discover, master, and create.

The academy will foster areas of child development such as cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and sensory motor activities through bias-free, culturally sensitive, non-judgemental methods. The highly qualified educators support children’s development using Early Learning for Every Child Today: A Framework for Ontario Early Childhood Settings, also known as the ELECT document. This document provides, in detail, the skills each child is presenting. With up-to-date workshops and continued training the educators can implement new ideas into the program and strategies to help guide the children through every day experiences.

We believe a child’s words are important and provide tools to promote personal empowerment, self-esteem, as well as compassion and respect for others. By involving the children with decision making, encourage exchanging of ideas, and constructive problem solving with peers, the children will reflect these skills in their everyday practices and become more confident.

The academy believes that communication with parents and guardians is of upmost importance to a child’s learning. With consistency at home and at the academy the child’s learning is enriched. We have an ‘open door policy’ that welcomes the families to participate in the program and include their own culture, traditions, and hobbies; this shows encouragement and interest in the children’s daily activities. Positive relationships are fundamental in maintaining an open and inclusive environment in which all families at the academy can feel they are valued and contributing members.

Our play based emergent curriculum is committed in delivering quality childcare which is educational, safe and fun. The academy’s holistic approach caters to each family’s needs and supports each individual through their everyday challenges and endeavours.

Blue Bell Academy’s Philosophy Statement
Owner /Director of Education
The owner/program director of the academy, Evelyn, has a Bachelor of Arts from Ryerson University majoring in Early Childhood Studies and a diploma in Early Childhood Education from George Brown College. She attends workshops regularly to stay current on child development themes and prides herself with the knowledge she has learned about behaviour management and strategies revolving around children’s stress and emotional anxiety. Evelyn has received two awards of excellence when working in the field for Ryerson University and has 6 years of experience working with children in a childcare setting.
Owner /Director of Operations
The owner/director of operations of the academy, Emma, has an Honors Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto. She also has completed courses at Ryerson University for finance and entrepreneurship. Emma has worked with children of varying abilities for over 9 years. She gained this experience when working for the City of Toronto as a pool manager, lifeguard and swim/first aid instructor. Emma gained immense knowledge with children’s development when working as an Aquatic Rehab Councillor at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.
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John Pate, OCT., BE.d, BA ECS., RECE.
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