According to the Ontario Early Years – Yoga for Children, “Yoga brings together the body, mind, and spirit, which we often tend to divide. Yoga helps us to channel our energy and our emotions.”
Trish Yeung
Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and Health Studies
Yoga Therapy Teacher Certificate
We chose the activity of yoga as it fits in well with our program at Blue Bell Academy. This voluntary activity for the children will lead to constant self-discovery and inquisitiveness while having fun in an age appropriate way. The yoga inspired games, breathing techniques and body motion help enhance physical flexibility, develops important focus and concentration skills, and cultivates balance and coordination all while boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Scholarly sources have praised the practice of yoga with young children such as the article from the American Journal of Dance Therapy, From Simple Line to Expressive Movement: The Use of Creative Movement to Enhance Socio-Emotional Development in the Preschool Curriculum. In this article it expresses that “through the practice of movement, children become more aware of themselves and able to connect their visceral emotional processing to conscious appraisal.” Furthermore it is noted that “this form of therapy is an integrated system of body and emotion that contributes to a strong sense of the self as an emotional, social, and cognitive, healthy being” which is what Blue Bell Academy would like to foster in the children attending the program.

Therefore, for all of these reasons the incorporation of yoga into our activity schedule will round out the program. Trish Young will be visiting the children once a week for an hour to explore all the benefits of yoga.

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