At Blue Bell Academy there are many areas the children can learn and explore! A science area where the children can discover the natural environment, a block play area where the children are able to build and pretend play with vehicles, animals, houses, and many more manipulatives. There is a dramatic play space the children can use their imaginations and for example take on roles of their favourite characters or people in the community, there are many diverse props and fabrics and clothes from around the world that the children can use in play. A cognitive area is always available to help support children with their counting, problem solving skills, etc. An art area where the children can express their creative side and most importantly a library and quiet zone which is available for children to look at literature, play a quite activity with a peer, or just take a minute for themselves.

Blue Bell Academy is a childcare complying with the Days Nursery Act and Ministry regulations. The academy’s programming habits the ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today) document that the educators use to support children with safe and educational play. The ELECT document is a tool the educators use to explain to the parents the skill their child is practicing; it supports curriculum and pedagogy in our childcare setting. During daily activities the educator in the program documents each child’s play using pictures, children’s work, and written records. Individual documentation is kept in a binder that the parent can view and add their own experiences and observations to. Each observation whether it is individual or group play is followed up with an activity programmed to sustain their play. The educator then enriches their play by adding materials, props, and/or additional activities.

Feel free to view the ELECT document

An important aspect to our program is ongoing communication with families. We provide daily documentation, monthly newsletters and calendars, communication regarding important information at pick up and drop off, emails and phone calls. At Blue Bell Academy we have an open door policy, which is when parents can come in and join the program whenever they wish. We also encourage parent participation; crafts, traditional family cooking, and live music are always welcome!


Program Age Fee
Full-Time Preschool 2.5-5 Years of Age $1,550/m
Part- Time (3 days) Preschool 2.5-5 Years of Age $1075/m
Part- Time (2 days) Preschool 2.5-5 Years of Age $775/m
Full-Time Toddler 18 Months-2.5 Years of Age $1700/m
Part- Time (3 days) Toddler 18 Months-2.5 Years of Age $1175/m
Part- Time (2 days) Toddler 18 Months-2.5 Years of Age $900/m
Evelyn and Emma believe that children cannot engage completely in educational play without proper nutrition. Thus a part-time chef will be creating a balanced and healthy meal plan weekly for the child which follows the Canadian Food Guide.
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John Pate, OCT., BE.d, BA ECS., RECE.
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