“Emma has been an incredible influence on my daughter. She has the ability to challenge her through kind and creative means, always looking for the best or new way to encourage her to keep trying and give her best. In 3 short years Emma has displayed devotion, honesty and impressive professionalism, going above and beyond, time and again. She is just a natural with children, and her love for her work shows in every interaction."

 Georgia Thomas
 Impressions The Dental Hygiene Spa

- Georgia Thomas

Evelyn and Emma have built strong relationships with all three of my children. They are very warm, patient, and understanding individuals.

- Kathryn Snow

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Evelyn in my kindergarten classroom. Evelyn would volunteer three days a week with my students and assist in my literacy program by reading with the children. Evelyn was an instrumental to the student's success in reading. She picked up the techniques I showed her quickly and as able to support the students. Evelyn is a responsible and intelligent, hardworking and kind-hearted person. Her love of working with children and learning was evident every time she was in the classroom. Her dedication to my students was spectacular and I appreciate all her support.

I wish Evelyn all the success in her new endeavour. The children in her care are lucky to have her and she will love and educate them for a brighter and successful future. 

- John Pate, OCT., BE.d, BA ECS., RECE.

Evelyn and Emma both took wonderful care of our kids.  We first met Evelyn at the local daycare where our kids went. Her caring and nurturing personality immediately won our kids over. Her name became a household name and the stories we heard from our kids made us feel confident bringing the kids to daycare every day. Evelyn was also very insightful; she would often share stories with us and observations of the day making us feel like someone was keeping a watchful and caring eye on our kids. 

Emma took care of our kids as a full time provider for us during the summer. She took our kids to Toronto Island, swimming, picnic, and much more. She is a creative and energetic care-giver for all ages. Our kids felt completely safe with her and we were confident leaving them with her during the day.

Emma and Evelyn are both amazing with children, and I wish our kids were still young enough to go to daycare with them!

- Anjelien Slater
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