Mission statement
Blue Bell Academy is a daycare committed to delivering quality childcare which is educational, safe and fun. The program fosters areas of child development such as cognitive, physical, emotional and sensory motor activities that the children can practice, strengthen, and master. The warm learning environment the academy provides is practiced through bias free, culturally sensitive, and non-judgemental methods. Blue Bell Academy focuses on personal empowerment, with small group activities, one on one child and educator engagement, and guided learning circle where children can build positive self-esteem as well as compassion and respect for others.
We are a licensed childcare centre by the Ministry of Education
about us
A brief biography about Blue Bell Academy’s Owners
the program
Details about our Preschool Program
Information on getting started and ways to contact us
Georgia Thomas
Kathryn Snow
John Pate, OCT., BE.d, BA ECS., RECE.
Anjelien Slater
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